How to contact me
...and not piss me off!

for non-urgent issues, please use e-mail:
If you are trying to get in touch with me, send e-mail to this address -- all other e-mail addresses you may have, or think you have for me end up in an automated robot account to be sorted through.  If you got my e-mail from any group or a list, it's a robot e-mail account and is assigned "second priority mail", where typicially I scan the subject lines only and discard anything that does not stand out.
Honestly, e-mail is one of the best ways to get a hold of me, as I read through it several times a day.  All of my e-mail is automatically sorted by trained monkeys (a/k/a bots) that prioritise my e-mail based on:
  • Is there a special rule for the person/subject of the e-mail?
  • Is the e-mail sent to my primary e-mail address?
  • Is the e-mail sent only to me, or was I carbon copied or blind carbon copied?
  • Is the sender of the e-mail in my address book ?  Are they listed as a friend or a spammer?
  • Finally values are assigned to specific words and phrases.  Some words add value, some decrease value.
for somewhat urgent issues, you can try to I.M. me:
If for some reason you're looking for a faster reply, you can try to use instant messaging services.
My user ID on Yahoo is chazantonelli - on AOL, it's mc4bbs, on ICQ it's 174278712. 
I personally consider instant messaging without a somewhat urgent purpose to be a distraction from more important tasks.  Please look at my status before IMing me.  Am I busy working?  In a meeting?  Away?  Asleep?  If you want to gossip, please use the appropriate group(s) or e-mail.
When you send an instant message to me (from any service) you may be asked a question.  You must read and answer the question correctly in order for me to even know you're trying to communicate with me. Everything you send prior to answering the question is discarded -- I won't even know about it. 
Nice system, eh?  Stops SPIMMERS in their tracks!  Want it for yourself?  Download the tool 'Pidgin' and add the module 'Bot Sentry' from SourceForge.

for urgent issues or rapid reply, call me!
I have many phone numbers for a reason -- I want to stay in touch!  I have four primary land-line telephone numbers in different parts of the world, you can call the one closest to you:
New York, NY USA ............. +1 646 827-6222      
Boston, MA USA ................ +1 617 297-7562      
Rochester, NY USA ........... +1 585 201-UNIX (8649)      
London ............................. +44 (0)20 7993 2750
Note: While I am travelling in Europe or the United Kingdom, you'll hear a voice mail message that will give you a special number to call: +44 (0)75 0590 4001 -- I use a UK mobile phone as my only number whilst in the European Union in order to prevent people from calling at a bad time while I'm in the GMT time zone, AND to ensure that only important calls ring in while I am travelling in the E.U. (obviously, you'll have to pay long distance or overseas charges to contact me when you dial my London mobile phone).  To call my London mobile phone from North America, dial 011-44-75-0590-4001.
If you're not in New York, Boston or London, don't fret... You can call me for FREE with "V-Phone", which has local numbers in every state in the United States and in all major cities in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, France and Spain.
To use this free service, go to and scroll down to the "Find a Vonage Access Number" -- choose if you want to look it up with your phone number, or your location.
  • Dial your local Vonage access number
  • Press "1" to place a call
  • Enter the United States' country code (001)
  • Enter my phone number followed by the hash key (#)  (like this: 646-827-6222#)
  • Then press 1 to start the dialout process
  • Your call is then routed to me at no cost to you!
  • If you are in Rochester, NY, dial (585) 419-6628, then 001-646 827-6222#1
  • If you are in Ottawa, ON, Canada - dial (613) 216-2437, then 001-646 827-6222#1
  • If you are in Valley Park, OK, dial (918) 376-7054, then 001-646 827-6222#1
Please read this carefully -- time zones can be tricky!  If you want to call me, please keep in mind that I am currently deployed in the EASTERN TIME ZONE OF THE UNITED STATES which is GMT -5 -- Please call me only between 9am-10pm EST (14:00 - 03:00 GMT/07:00 - 19:00 PST), except in case of emergency.  If you don't know where I am, check to find out.
When calling me, if your caller ID is blocked, you will not get through.  You won't even get my voice mail.  As with my e-mail and IMs, my telephone service also goes through an automatic filtering process:
  • Is there AIN (Caller ID Data) associated with the call ?  (No? Reject the call outright)
  • Is the call coming from someone I know ?
  • Is the call coming from a 'toll-free' number or from known telemarketer ?  (Yes? Go to voicemail)
Fun stuff, eh?  Your best bet is to just call me direct on one of the numbers above; if you are in the United States or Canada and have caller-id blocked, be sure to unblock it by dialling *87 prior to calling my number, otherwise you'll have to re-place your call,
Some people think they're being smart by finding and using my direct mobile number, if you're one of these people, you're deluding yourself -- if the call does not go through proper channels, it won't be flagged properly and I will NOT answer it; the worst part is there is NO voicemail on my cell phone, so you've thrown away your dime.  Please, use ONLY the telephone numbers I provide!
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