Welcome to Chazhome.com's fileserver!

This is a private computer facility. Unless you have been specifically authorised, your continued attempted access will expose you to criminal and/or civil proceedings. Use is subject to audit at any time by management.

Hello and welcome to my server. I hope you'll find tons of stuff to see and do here. Please remember, this is my personal system and my personal files. Access is granted by invitation only. By continuing to access anything beyond this point, you agree to waive and hold harmless myself and acknowledge that accessing any of my personal files without express permission is considered trespass. All FTP access is password protected.

Are you looking for Music, Films, Television Shows of Software?

You've found the place... I manage an FTP server with all of this and more... Over 75,000 MP3 files from Chaz' and Johnny Ipacs' vast collection, thousands of TV shows, films and videos and a pretty impressive software library too!

It's best to use an FTP client to access my FTP server and I personally recommend WinSCP, which you can download by clicking here and grabbing the highest numbered version. Install this free software and to set it up you'll need to do the following:

1) Click on "New Site"
2) Change File Protocol to FTP and leave the encryption set to "no encryption"
3) Under host name enter chaz.nyc or chazhome.com and leave the port set to 21
4) For user name and password, you need to choose which category of items you're looking for:

          a) for films, tv shows, and such ...             userid: videos, password: videos
          b) for music, audio, sound effects, etc ...    userid: mp3, password: mp3
          c) for software, emulators, etc ...              userid: warez, password: warez
          d) for ebooks/manuals, etc ...                   userid: books, password: books

5) click SAVE and then click on Login

It will work just like windows where you can drag and drop things from WinSCP to your desktop or folder to download. I only ask that you download only a few files at a time to allow others to share the limited bandwidth. Persons abusing my generosity will find their IP addresses banished -- so if find you can no longer connect to my FTP server, contact me with your IP address and I can unblock you.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to download an FTP client, you can use most web browsers to download from my server -- just navigate to the file you desire, right-click on the file and choose "save as". Here are the links for your browser to access the same FTP sites listed above: Videos -- Music -- Software -- eBooks -- just click on the topic and navigate around!

See my special webpages dedicated to these shows:

Doctor Who Torchwood
The Sarah Jane Adventures Spaced
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