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If it does not, you can see my profile without censorship at http://profile.chaz.nyc

The basics...

First and foremost, the "bbs" in my common nickname, MC4BBS does not stand for “bare back sex” – it stands for “Bulletin Board System”, as in Multicom-4 Bulletin Board System, my pride and joy before the internet and AOL killed it in 1999. Multicom-4 was my invention and used to be the world's largest free gay, lesbian and bisexual BBS. To learn more about it, visit http://chazhome.com/Multicom-4/

I'm a leather biker bear. I used to own a custom leather store, Rochester Custom Leathers in Rochester, NY from 1989 until 1999. I’ve ridden mini-bikes and motorcycles since I was young teen. I am furry all over. I prefer real men. I define a "real man" as someone acts and behaves like a man. Think: bears, leathermen, bikers and the sort. If you want to hang, I expect you to be masculine! If you still need definition of what a "real man" is, you probably shouldn't bother reading any further -- seriously. Still there? Cool! My NBCS is B5 dc e+ f+ g+ k++ m q-- r+ s++

I moved from New York to Boston in 2003, but found the city of Boston to be unacceptable for what I was looking for (see this blog entryfor details). I have also lived in Rochester, Ottawa and Toronto. I used to fly back and forth from Boston to London from 2005 thru 2009, so much that I have a UK mobile phone and two London land lines! I travel a lot, a hell of a lot. Do you know what a mileage runner is? No? Read this 2007 article – well that’s me! I’m the guy that flies first class, but paid less for my ticket than you did for “economy class”, I’m the guy that can be found in airport lounges around the world sipping cocktails and enjoying free WiFi, always going in the TSA Pre-Check queue, priority queue, or boarding the aircraft before anyone else. Did I mention being picked up plane-side in a Porsche and being driven to my connecting flight without stepping foot in the airport? Ok, enough bragging – that’s how K.K. and I travel, and we do bring people along for the ride – just ask some of the folk who have travelled with is in the past! Do you want to come along? AWESOME! Check out http://where.chaz.nyc to see my travel schedule and contact me if any of my trips interest you! Perhaps I'm coming your way soon!

I enjoy travelling, motor-biking, skydiving, music, good friends, movies, group/club activities, hiking, camping, concerts, going to the pub and more! I'm a huge Doctor Who, Torchwood andBattlestar Galactica fan – I even host classic Dr. Who and new Dr. Who episodes on my ftp/web server for anyone that wants them! I'm just your all around nice guy! I've been described as a 'cool geek', which I think is nifty! I'm a naturist, which means that I like to be nude whenever allowable.

I am a full member of Empire City MC, America'soldest continually operating gay motorcycle club. I am also the founder of The New York Bear Den and The Boston Bears (the largest bear club inthe north-eastern United States). I'm a former full member of the Rochester Rams (but remain an associate member), a former deputy for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, and an associate member of the now-defunct Utica Tri's (which was founded in 1986 by Rochester Rams' Associate Members).

Congratulations! You made it this far – I already like you!

Now for the let-down: I met the man of my dreams in 2009 and we live together full-time. His name is K.K. and is behind me in the photo on the right. We both enjoy much of the same things, and for those interested, we do play well with others – together or apart; however, we are committed to each other and it’s important you do not associate “play” with “love”. They’re very different things in my book.

We've been travelling the world together since 2009 – check out my photo library and see where he and I have been!

K.K. is Malaysian, speaks seven languages, is an elite flyer with Delta (as was with American Airlines), and in 2012 he convinced me to switch alliances from American Airlines to Delta. We’re both members of FlyerTalk and he got circumcised just two years before me – which was the root cause of how we met! He was a member of my circumsexual yahoo group. But the commonalities don't stop there! We're both computer geeks and are great bargain hunters! Can see why we're inseparable?

K.K. and I have a lovely andcleanguest room witha queen-size bedin our upper east-side Manhattan flat and welcome friends and respectableguests/tourists to stay with us.

Now on to the sexy part – if you’re shy, please stop here!

I'm a top but I am versatile. All good tops started off as obedient bottoms! My preferred ways to get off are: Leather, CBT, oral sex, circumcision/medical scenes, hand jobs, pumping, castration scenes, gloryholes, outdoor sex and loads more! I was circumcised for real 10 January 2005. My favourite saying is that “I do things that there are no ' hanky codes' for!” Does the thought of getting circumcised get your juices flowing? Me too! Are you thinking about getting circumcised? Talk to me first! I researched it for many years before going in for the snip. I'm quote an expert in the subject matter. Do I have your curiosity (or something else) up now? Perhaps you're interested in some circ-play? I've got the tools and I respect all limits -- failing to do so ruins it for both of us. Contact me! We're a rare breed -- I get off on all aspects of circumcision - Fantasy, ritual, or reality! Bonus: You can read all about my own circumcision experience and view my circumcision operation and recovery photos too! (caution: graphic!)

So now that you know all about my filthy side, you still want to contact me? Okay!

Do you just want to get to know me better? I socialize online on facebook and LiveJournal -- don't expect to see me on the “cruising sites” (i.e. Recon, Bear411, etc.) often, as that's not my primary interest. Are you all hot and bothered about meeting me and K.K.? Well, then first you need to find out we currently are and where we're going to be next -- maybe we're coming your way? Maybe you're coming ours! I set up the Where’s Chaz website to help others (and myself) figure out where I am and where I'm going. Still bent on contacting me? Here's some pointers but honestly, the nitty-gritty about contacting me: I am avery busy guy, travelling all over the world. Add to that the fact that there are so many awful cruising websites with so many flakes and losers that only collect photos, I simply don't have time to login to them all on a regular basis. To add insult to injury, some sites are so badly written and bogged down with Cross-Site Scripting and buggy code (prime example: Bear411) that they just don’t work at times. So, if you want to open a dialogue with me, please contact me directly – please do not expect anything other than a canned auto-reply on any cruising website. Don't take it personally; it's just the flaky nature of most of the people on those sites that has completely soured my experience with them.

I despise 'hot chat'/'sex chat' in IMs, on the phone or in e-mail. If you are interested in me, return the favour and make me interested in you! Get to know me - meet in person!

I guess you can attempt to achieve instant gratification by trying to CHAT LIVE! I'm "chazantonelli" on Yahoo and "mc4bbs" on AIM & Google-Talk. If I'm not around, I'm probably riding my motorcycle, skydiving, flying a kite, lying on the beach, or riding roller-coasters (unless I'm working...) Please note that I'm never visible on chat services.

I hope to hear/see you soon!

This message was created using 100% post-consumer, recycled electrons (or just one if you believe in Feynman's "One Electron Universe Theory").