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Title Guest star(s) Original broadcast date
1x1 "Beginnings" Bill Bailey as Bilbo Bagshot
James Lance as Richard
Peter Serafinowicz as Duane Benzie
Anna Wilson-Jones as Sarah
September 24 1999
Daisy Steiner and Tim Bisley meet in a small cafe and bond over their mutual search for accommodation (he's been kicked out by girlfriend Sarah, she's a squatter desperate to escape her down-and-out acquaintances), and gradually form a friendship. Just when all seems lost, they stumble upon what seems to be a perfect place - trouble is, it's listed as being for a 'professional couple' only. Thus begins a complicated plan involving faked photos and memorising every significant (and not-so-significant) fact about each other to pass themselves off as a long term couple in order to fool Marsha Klein, their prospective landlady. To their mutual surprise, it works. 
1x2 "Gatherings" James Lance as Richard
Anna Wilson-Jones as Sarah
October 1 1999
To avoid doing any actual work, freshly unpacked Daisy plans a housewarming party - something to make their home the "new hub of North London." Unfortunately, all of Tim's friends are busy attending skateboarding meets or sci-fi conventions (except for Mike Watt, present to provide door security), and Daisy's media contacts extend about as far as the paperboy (except for Twist Morgan, present to provide fashion commentary), so there's hardly any guests (except for Marsha, present to consume alcohol, and Brian Topp, present to provide artistic critique of Daisy's baco-foil decorations). Brian discovers Daisy and Tim are not really dating after they slip up by mentioning they have separate rooms. Meanwhile, Marsha's daughter Amber is throwing her own party in conflict to the housewarming party (such that it is one). The episode ends with an homage to Close Encounters of the Third Kind as Tim, Mike, Daisy, Twist, and Brian decide to crash Amber's more successful party. 
1x3 "Art" Paul Kaye as Hoover
Claire Rushbrook as Yolanda
David Walliams as Vulva
October 8 1999
After accepting some cheap speed from some violently friendly Scottish blokes, Tim has spent all night fighting zombies (or, more accurately, hallucinating while playing Resident Evil 2) and Mike has somehow managed to get to Sheffield on the Tube. Daisy has a job interview at a classy women's magazine and Brian has an invitation to a new art show by Vulva, his former partner and non-gender-specific-ex-chaste-heterosexual-lover. This causes much angst and feelings of inferiority all around. "Girl Power!" fails to impress the magazine editors, Brian's much-practiced air of indifference fails to impress Vulva, and Tim's Twiglets allergy and hallucinations of zombies leads to Vulva getting a much-deserved punch in the face. The episode concludes with Daisy's idea for performance art, a parody of Bruce Nauman's work "Clown Torture", which leads Tim to remark that it's obviously harder than it looks. 
1x4 "Battles" Richenda Carey as Dog pound clerk
Paul Putner as Paintballer
Peter Serafinowicz as Duane Benzie
Anna Wilson-Jones as Sarah
October 15 1999
After getting dumped by her boyfriend Richard, Daisy decides to cheer herself up by getting a dog. Having suffered a fear of dogs since childhood, Tim is not pleased by this. As Daisy bonds with an interesting little dog she calls Colin (named after the pet box she had as a child), Tim and Mike go paintballing, and encounter Tim's arch-nemesis, Duane Benzie, the man who stole Tim's girlfriend. By the end of the episode, Mike will have made the (sort-of) ultimate sacrifice, Tim will have had his revenge, and Brian will have imparted the tragic, yet artistically interesting, tale of his own dog's horrible death. 
1x5 "Chaos" Bill Bailey as Bilbo Bagshot
Charles Dale as Security Guard
October 22 1999
Daisy is strongly bonding with new dog Colin, much to Tim's displeasure. Forced to take Colin out on a walk in an effort to bond with him, Tim is rather alarmed when Colin disappears after Tim challenges aliens to abduct him. When Daisy won't speak to him, and when he receives an anonymous tip-off revealing Colin's location - in the hands of a ruthless, sinister cosmetics testing vivisectionist - he plans a daring rescue attempt in order to redeem himself. Will they succeed? Will a psychotic Marxist dog reveal itself? And more importantly - will Tim let Mike's callsign be Han Solo
1x6 "Epiphanies" Sally Grace as Daisy's Mum
Michael Smiley as Tyres O'Flaherty
October 29 1999
Tim's bicycle courier friend Tyres pops round for a cup of tea and decides to takes the gang clubbing, forcing Brian to relive a terrible event in his past (where a spilled drink during Dexys Midnight Runners' Come On Eileen had disastrous results). Mike, thrown out of the Rough Ramblers following a disastrous eskimo roll (which was more a case of 'rolling right Inuit'), rediscovers his manhood with the help of some ecstasy and a remix of the The A-Team theme. And Tim and Daisy have their eyes opened. 
1x7 "Ends" Simon Kunz as TA Officer
Anna Wilson-Jones as Sarah
November 5 1999
Tim is ecstatic when his ex-girlfriend Sarah decides she wants him back; Daisy is less so, causing much tension around the flat. Mike has an interview at the Territorial Army to determine whether he should be allowed back in following the 'Eurodisney Incident'. Following a heated argument, Daisy finally manages to bash out a few articles, and Tim finally realises the right path for him. And Brian summons the courage to ask Twist out on a date which, against all expectations, actually goes quite well. 

2x1 "Back" Kevin Eldon as Agent Jones
Mark Gatiss as Agent Smith
John Simm as Stephen Edwards
February 23 2001
After receiving an injection of money following the sale of her articles, Daisy returns from her holiday in Asia, but finds it hard to settle back into the mundaneness of her normal life after her adventure. Tim has been struggling with his issues with George Lucas and The Phantom Menace (which saw him ceremonially burn his Star Wars merchandise), and after being chucked out of home for shooting his cat up the rear end, Mike has been sleeping in Daisy's room, transforming its decor into a tribute to Apocalypse Now. Things are not normal, and sinister black-suited Agents following Daisy make things even more surreal. 
2x2 "Change" Bill Bailey as Bilbo Bagshot
Rowena Cooper as the voice of Brian's Mum
Gemma Padley as Francesca
Jill Pegg (uncredited) as Woman in street
Clive Russell as Damien Knox
Martin Trenaman as Derek
March 2 2001
Following a dispute with a young customer over Jar Jar Binks merchandise and Tim's inability to cope with the Star Wars prequels, Bilbo fires Tim. Daisy is trying to get money out of the Job Centre people, despite not having signed on to the dole for three months due to her holiday. Brian is horrified to discover that his relationship with Twist is affecting his artistic output. After Amber runs out, Marsha finds herself a new lodger - Mike. 
2x3 "Mettle" Daniel Ainsleigh as Billy
Paul Mark Elliott as Marty Berghaus
Gemma Padley as Francesca
Clive Russell as Damien Knox
Jonathan Ryland as Cromwell
Tim Sampson as Chief
Joanna Scanlan as Tina
Reece Shearsmith as Dexter
March 9 2001
Tim and Mike are through to the quarter finals of Robot Wars, but a conflict with Dexter, a rival at Mike's local TA, may jeopardise their chances. Daisy lands a job in the kitchen of a restaurant, and immediately comes into conflict with the quietly evil manageress. Daisy's entire experience in the kitchen mirrors McMurphy's experiences in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Meanwhile, Brian struggles to prepare an artistic installation at a trendy gallery. In order to triumph against their foes, Tim and Mike must enter the dark underworld of Robot Wars by competing in a local group called "Robot Club", spoofing Fight Club. Plunderbird 4, Cerberus, King Buxton and Invertabrat, contestants from Robot Wars, make an appearance. 
2x4 "Help" Lucy Akhurst as Sophie
Rowena Cooper as Brian's Mum
Mike Hayley as Security Guard
Dick Lunn (uncreditied) as Man in car
Clive Russell as Damien Knox
Michael Smiley as Tyres O'Flaherty
Olivia Williams as Knocked-down cyclist
March 23 2001
Dark Star Comics supremo Damien Knox agrees to see Tim's portfolio. Daisy unwittingly puts an unflattering portrait of him Tim drew after Knox's previous rejection (bearing the legend "I'm a massive wanker!") back into Tim's portfolio after finding it on the couch where Tim discarded it. Both Tim and Mike must enlist Tyres in a daring attempt to recover the item before it is uncovered, but discover that they have an unexpected ally in Knox's beautiful assistant, Sophie. Marsha, meanwhile, invites Daisy out to join her with her exercises, which quickly leads to a vicious, no-holds-barred fight, and Brian takes his mother to lunch dressed as a lawyer which leads to a confession about what he really does for a living. 
2x5 "Gone" Bill Bailey as Bilbo Bagshot
Charles Dale as Security Guard
March 30 2001
After Sophie calls to cancel a date (leading Tim to instantly decide she's sleeping with her boss), Tim and Daisy spend a night out in Camden but find themselves in trouble with local youths and Tim's nemesis Duane. Meanwhile, Mike loses Colin. Only the similarities of the male psyche can save them now. 
2x6 "Dissolution" Sally Grace as Daisy's Mum
Michael Smiley as Tyres O'Flaherty
Ricky Gervais as Housing ad man
April 6 2001
Tim and Sophie's relationship is gradually getting closer, something which is noticed by Daisy, Mike and Marsha. Daisy and Mike are both hurt and jealous by this, and Marsha (who still believes them to be a couple) is horrified for Daisy. Brian and Twist have broken up; Brian is devastated, Twist less so. Events finally come to a head at Daisy's birthday party, with a drunken confession and a painful betrayal. 
2x7 "Leaves" Simon Kunz as TA Officer
Anna Wilson-Jones as Sarah
April 13 2001
The group is now scattered; Twist is in Manchester, Sophie's going to America, and Marsha is selling the house and moving on, and only something "bloody spectacular" will change her mind. Daisy, hurt by recent events, accepts a job at a small newspaper in Colwyn Bay and prepares to leave London. But just when all looks lost, Mike comes up with a bloody spectacular idea.
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