The Sarah Jane Adventures - Season One
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#01) Invasion of the Bane

The #starts with a thirteen year old girl, Maria Jackson (Yasmin Paige), and her recently divorced father Alan (Joseph Millson) moving into a house opposite journalist and former time-traveller Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen). The night after they have moved in, Maria is woken by an ethereal light emanating from Sarah Jane's house, which she discovers, to her amazement and later horror, to be Sarah conversing with a butterfly-like alien species. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

#02) Revenge of the Slitheen (part 1)

#03) Revenge of the Slitheen (part 2)

Maria and Luke start their new school but find all is not as it seems. Aided by Sarah Jane and their new friend Clyde, they find the Slitheen, old enemies of the Doctor, this time disguised as teachers, have taken control of the technology block and are trying to switch off the sun. Luke unknowingly gives the Slitheen the code to start the machine, and they start to absorb the power of the sun. Sarah Jane investigates the company controlling the science block, and Maria, Luke and Clyde investigate the school. Sarah Jane is attacked by a female Slitheen who disguised herself as a company secretary, Janine, Luke finds a secret room and is confronted by the Slitheen commander, his headmaster Blakeman, whilst Maria and Clyde are chased first by their Slitheen Science teacher, Mr. Jeffrey and then the school genius, Carl, unzips in front of them to reveal a child Slitheen. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

#04) Eye of the Gorgon (part 1)

#05) Eye of the Gorgon (part 2)

Sarah Jane and her companions investigate claims of sightings of a ghostly nun at Lavender Lawns, the local nursing home. Meanwhile, Chrissie Jackson moves into her ex-husband's house, but succeeds only in causing further problems with the family. Back at Lavender Lawns, an old lady gives Luke an ancient talisman, which is really the key to a portal in space and time. They find that a group of nuns are hiding an age-old creature, the Gorgon. When Sarah Jane refuses to give the talisman to the nuns, they kidnap Luke and Clyde and take the Gorgon and Maria to Sarah Jane's house where the Gorgon turns Maria's father to stone. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

#06) Warriors of Kudlak (part 1)

#07) Warriors of Kudlak (part 2)

When 'Combat 3000', the new laser-tag centre, arrives near Sarah Jane, a young teenager called Lance Metcalf visits it, where he mysteriously disappears. When Sarah Jane starts investigating, she discovers twenty-four children have previously gone missing. Meanwhile Luke tries to master being funny but can't quite do it. He also doesn't understand games. Therefore Clyde takes Luke to 'Combat 3000'. Sarah soon discovers that there have been mysterious storms at the time of the disappearances and that Mr. Grantham and Kudlak are working for the Mistress, leader of 'Combat 3000'. Luke and Clyde manage to survive Round One and are challenged to make it to the door to the championships, facing other expert 'Combat 3000' players. When Luke and Clyde are very close to the door, they are attacked. Soon, Clyde and Luke manage to escape and are locked in a room where they mysteriously disappear. Meanwhile, Mr. Grantham points a gun at Sarah and Maria but Sarah uses her Sonic Lipstick to help her escape. Maria and Sarah arrive in a different room where they are then confronted by Kudlak. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

#08) Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (part 1)

#09) Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (part 2)

Sarah Jane tells Maria and Luke about a meteorite on course with Earth but reassures them that Mr Smith will be able to deflect it the following day. Sarah Jane gives Maria an alien puzzle box to cheer her up; she falls asleep that night holding it, as a mysterious cloaked figure approaches Sarah Jane's house. The next day, Maria finds that Sarah Jane, Luke and Mr. Smith have all disappeared, and she alone remembers them. A woman named Andrea Yates is living in Sarah Jane's house. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

#10) The Lost Boy (part 1)

#11) The Lost Boy (part 2)

Following on from Alan's discovery of what Sarah Jane and Maria do together in Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, he threatens to move house again, only to have a change of heart when he sees how upset Maria is. His condition for not moving away, however, is that he is kept up to date with their battles against aliens. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)
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