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... the end of an era!

For whatever reason, in 2017 they have decided to make the Doctor a female. Call me old fashioned, but I have a rough time transitioning my male, fatherly role model from one gender to another. Don't get me wrong, I loved Romana as the always-correcting Time Lady, but to have both the Master and the Doctor become female? This "has soured the milk" to a point in where I simply don't care to host a fan page for Doctor Who any longer.

Remember: I grew up during the advent of AIDS and I saw many gay organisations that paved the way for equality and respect slowly being taken over by power-hungry lesbians with a level of hypocrisy I'd never seen before. Nearly every GLBT organisation has been re-branded "LGBT", it's amazing that GMHC is still Gay MEN'S Health Crisis, considering the number of females on staff now.

I'm not being misogynistic here -- I'm simply stating there were a very few places in where I was "at home" and Dr Who was one of those and the "womyn" have invaded it now as well.

Perhaps I'm a dinosaur with my old-fashioned views but this is a very sad moment in my life.

For those of you looking for CLASSIC and MODERN episodes of Dr Who, you can still download them from my FTP server. It was fun while it lasted. :-(