Torchwood - Season One
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Episode 01 - Everything Changes In a rainy side lane in Cardiff, police and SOCO teams examine the dead body of a man stabbed in the back, the third such victim. PC Gwen Cooper arrives, and is surprised when the teams are pulled back to allow a group of four mysterious people, identified only as "Torchwood", to take over the crime scene... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 02 - Day One Gwen Cooper is having a night out with her boyfriend Rhys on the eve of starting her new job with Torchwood, when suddenly a meteor streaks over the Cardiff night sky, trailing flame. It impacts just outside the city, and as people in the street gape, Gwen receives a message on her mobile phone. It is Torchwood, and she has to go to work... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 03 - Ghost Machine Jack, Owen and Gwen pursue a man through the Cardiff streets, while Toshiko tracks his alien energy signature through the CCTV network. Gwen is separated from the others when she chases the man through a closing shop door, catching up with him outside a train station. However, he gets away, leaving Gwen with his jacket — which is what is giving out the alien signature. Gwen retrieves a small device from the jacket. Activating it, she has a vision of the station as it was in the past, empty except for a young boy coming out, saying he is lost and wants to go home. He is wearing a tag that identifies him as Thomas Erasmus Flanagan. Gwen calls out to him, but he does not seem to hear her. The vision ends, and when Jack and Owen arrive, she tells them she has seen a ghost... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 04 - Cyberwoman It is an uneventful day at Torchwood Three, and the team are playing basketball when Ianto arrives. They pay little attention to him, and decide to go out for a drink. Alone in the Hub, Ianto orders pizza just as a Japanese doctor named Tanizaki arrives. Ianto brings Tanizaki into the depths of the Hub and shows him a partially cyber-converted woman strapped to a cyber-conversion unit. Ianto introduces her as Lisa.... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 05 - Small Worlds An elderly woman, Estelle Cole, walks through Roundstone Woods, heading for a circle of standing stones. There, to her delight, she finds what she was searching for: brightly glowing fairies laughing and fluttering around the stones. She takes a few photographs and turns away, not seeing the tiny fairies transform into larger, more monstrous forms... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 06 - Countrycide A young woman, Ellie Johnson, drives along a lonely road winding through the Brecon Beacons at night. She spots what appears to be a body in the road and stops, approaching it cautiously with a baseball bat. Discovering it is just a pile of clothes and a football arranged to look like a body, she retreats to her car, locking herself in, but finds her tyres flat and her car keys missing. The car remote activates, unlocking the doors, and a hooded figure reaches in and attacks her... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 07 - Greeks Bearing Gifts Cardiff, 1812. A prostitute named Mary and an English soldier go into the woods. He slaps her and she scratches his face in retaliation. Mary runs deeper into the woods, until she hears a high-pitched sound accompanied by a glowing light ahead. When the soldier, flintlock pistol drawn, catches up to her, she turns to smile at him. He raises his pistol and fires. Nearly two centuries later, the Torchwood team arrive at a building site and go inside a tent, unaware that Mary, dressed in contemporary clothes and looking not a day older, is just beyond a barrier, watching... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 08 - They Keep Killing Suzie The Torchwood team arrive at a suburban house, cordoned off by police as a crime scene. The detective in charge, Kathy Swanson, seems none too pleased by Torchwood's freedom to go wherever they please. There has been a double murder — the occupants of the house, the Briscoes, are in bed with their throats brutally slashed. A similar murder, that of Alex Arwyn, happened the day before. However, there is an added detail: the word "TORCHWOOD" written on the wall in blood... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 09 - Random Shoes A young man named Eugene Jones wakes up to find himself lying on a road in the country. He makes his way to where police are cordoning off a section of the road, and the Torchwood team are gathered. He calls Gwen, Jack and Tosh by name but they do not hear him. He then notices them examining a bloodied body on the side of the road, killed in a hit-and-run accident: his body. When his hand passes through Tosh, Eugene realises that he might be dead... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 10 - Out of Time A vintage twin-engined aircraft makes its final approach and lands on an airfield where Jack, Gwen and Owen are waiting. The three Torchwood Institute officers walk out to greet the passengers of the Sky Gypsy: Diane Holmes, the pilot, and her two passengers, Emma-Louise Cowell and John Ellis. Jack asks them when they left, and Diane answers that it was just a half hour before. Jack presses her for the date, and she answers, puzzled, that it should be December 18, 1953... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 11 - Combat Jack chases a Weevil through the side streets of Cardiff. He passes the restaurant where Gwen and her boyfriend Rhys are having an awkward dinner — something that has been happening more often. Gwen is relieved when Jack comes by and despite Rhys's protests, joins him on the hunt. The two follow the Weevil into a multi-storey carpark where they are startled to see it being herded into a white van by ski-masked men with cattle prods. The van drives off, leaving the two Torchwood Institute officers wondering who they were... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 12 - Captain Jack Harkness Jack and Tosh go to investigate a possible breach in time: 1940s music has been heard from an abandoned dance hall. They find themselves back in time, in 1941, at a dance for service personnel. They meet Captain Jack Harkness, the man whose identity Torchwood's Captain Jack stole after his death, which will occur the following day during a training exercise... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 13 - End of Days Gwen has been watching Rhys sleep and after some banter, she asks him to make tea. He kisses her and makes off, Gwen noting his "nice arse." Gwen answers her phone—Jack asks if she’s seen the news. In the living room, Gwen and Rhys are watching chaos unfold on the television. UFOs have been sighted over the Taj Mahal and police have clashed with English civil war era soldiers. The two speculate, Gwen concluding it can’t be an act of terrorism—terrorists use bombs, this is different... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

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