Torchwood - Season Two
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Episode 01 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" is the first episode of the second series of British science fiction television series Torchwood, which was broadcast by BBC Two on 16 January 2008. The episode features a guest appearance from James Marsters, commonly known to television viewers as Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoffs, as Captain John Hart, Captain Jack's former colleague and lover, who comes to the Torchwood team as part of a plan to steal a diamond from a woman who was murdered. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 02 - Sleeper Two burglars break into a flat owned by a woman called Beth and her husband. There is a struggle and the burglars are suddenly terrified as a flash of light fills the room. Soon, Torchwood are on the scene investigating the fatal injuries sustained by the burglars. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 03 - To the Last Man Tommy Brockless, a young World War I soldier, shell-shocked from his experiences in the trenches, is the key to saving the world. He is taken into custody by Torchwood in 1918 - Torchwood having been told to do so by his future self - and held in cryonic storage until the time comes for him to save the world. He is awoken one day each year for a medical check-up and a "day out" as a precautionary measure in case he is needed. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 04 - Meat Rhys Williams is out driving when he is telephoned by a work mate to inform him that one of their firm's lorries has crashed. He drives to the site of the crash and see that one of his employees and friend has died. Torchwood appears on the scene and Rhys spots Gwen amongst them. The Torchwood team confiscates the meat that the lorry was transporting when they suspect it of being alien. Gwen recognises the lorry as one from Rhys' firm. Back at the Hub, Toshiko rings Rhys' office for information pretending to be the police. At home Rhys texts Gwen asking for her to come home. He attempts to get her to confess to being at the crash site but she is evasive. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 05 - Adam Torchwood encounter an alien, Adam, who can manipulate the memories of any person he touches. He implants false memories into the team, making them believe they have known him for three years. As a side effect Gwen loses all memory of her fiancÚ Rhys and treats him like a stalker. Adam also reveals, alters, and completely fabricates other memories. Jack is haunted by memories of his brother, Gray, whom he lost when 'the worst monsters you could imagine' attacked his childhood home in the Boeshane Peninsula... Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 06 - Reset A series of seemingly professional murders in Cardiff prompts Jack to call in UNIT medical specialist Martha Jones for help. She informs him that there have been similar murders throughout the UK. Both Owen and Jack flirt with Martha, causing Gwen to show some jealousy, though she and Martha end up clicking together as great friends. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 07 - Dead Man Walking The team is still recovering after the events of "Reset". Owen Harper, shot dead, is about to be opened up for autopsy by Martha Jones. Jack however tells everyone to leave him alone until he returns. Jack runs to a place where he talks to a girl, a fortune teller. She says he owes her a favour, and appears to have a Tarot card with Jack's face on it. The young girl tells him where to find what it is he is looking for, though as he leaves she is seen holding the Death card, depicting the Grim Reaper. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 08 - A Day in the Death The opening of the episode is narrated by Owen Harper, who tells of his life and his death, which he is currently living through. Although everyone else believes he is fine; Owen knows that he is not. He is then seen on top of an apartment building with a suicidal woman, asking her if she is ready to jump. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 09 - Something Borrowed The beginning of the episode reflects on the scene when Jack found out Gwen was engaged to Rhys. It then cuts to Gwen's hen night where she revels drunkenly with her friends and a male stripper. Interspersed are short clips of Gwen's battle, just two hours ago, with a shapeshifter which bites her arm before being shot to death. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 10 - From out of the Rain After the old cinema "Electro" re-opens, and shows an old film of a travelling company, the Ghostmaker and Pearl, once captured on film, manage to escape that film. Gwen, Ianto and Owen witness the escape, noticing that two characters have suddenly disappeared from the film. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 11 - Adrift Jonah Bevan is walking home when a bright light appears over him. One second later he is gone. Seven months later, at the instigation of PC Andy Davidson Gwen is investigating the disappearence of Jonah. Her research reveals there are more cases that resemble Jonah's disappearence. Toshiko discovers that these disappearences happen during a negative spike in the rift activity, which were previously discarded as background noise. Gwen is able to compile a list of all missing persons and informs Jack. However, Jack tells Gwen that nothing can be done and instructs her to stop the investigation, which she refuses. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 12 - Fragments After the team gets signs of an unidentified life form, they (apart from Gwen, who is running late) go to investigate. Searching an abandoned building, the team discover it is a trap and the building is bombed. The resulting explosion causes the team to be trapped under piles of concrete rubble. Gwen and Rhys arrive (Rhys having given Gwen a lift), and as they dig everyone out, the team's lives flash before their eyes revealing how Jack, Ianto, Owen, and Toshiko got recruited to Torchwood. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

Episode 13 - Exit Wounds Following the previous episode directly, the Torchwood team goes to sites of rift activity. Gwen goes to the police station where the four most senior officers have been killed by Weevils. Tosh and Ianto head to the central server building to deal with "ghosts" that appeared in the building. The ghosts turn out to be humanoid beings in cloaks holding scythes who look very like the Grim Reaper, but Tosh and Ianto easily end the threat by shooting them. Tosh mentions that the server building houses servers for the military, police, NHS and the nearby nuclear power station. Owen heads to St Helen's Hospital where a Hoix was found chewing on cables and subdues it with a sedative. With the rest of the team away dealing with their respective crises, Jack returns to the Hub alone and encounters John Hart, who after a brief conversation with Jack kills him, then strips him of his weapons and restrains him while he proceeds with his task. Read More! (Caution spoilers!)

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